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hearing juicy gossip



when u wake up feelin productive




something went wrong with the whole “hero” business along the way

at night the sky looks so black / and I can’t find the sun » [no lyrics] » and now we meet in an abandoned studio / we hear the playback and it seems so long ago » there’s something inside you, it’s hard to explain / they’re talking about you, boy / but you’re still the same » no perfect persons ever noticed one computer die » when you speak, I hear silence / every word a defiance » (translation)behold that is the liberty of a parody of a utopia » when I wake up, I’m afraid / somebody else might take my place » don’t go in there, you’ll become one / freaky creatures, monster party » we destroyed the government / we’re destroying time / no more problems on the way » at night I sit by your side / waiting for you / to give me a sign » life is but a moment / a single grain of sand » forgive me, for leaving you alone / forgive me, for not staying anymore » like fireworks, I saw the lights / filling up my shadow » [no lyrics]

  • Zak Bagans: I came out to hunt ghosts using provocation and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.


when my parents complain about me image

I’m not interested in your stupid dreams.

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reblog if you want anonymous opinions of you

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Hey guys just gonna come out and say that you really shouldn’t delete artist comments. I saw it happen with my 8tracks which was kinda dickish since there’s no real way to know the source (other than it linking to my 8tracks)

so yeah. in short:

what's you're favorite color combination if you can only chose 2? :P


light purple/gold yeeeee